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Our interactive website gives you the opportunity to send us suggestions and to optimize our services. We offer home delivery, thus providing significant advantages in saving of both time and money, important factors in the current economic climate.

Every school is allocated a private and exclusive intranet. The parents can see all the information related to the schools clothes. Online shopping is easy, quick and confortable and completed in only 3 clicks. We additionally offer a 902 telephone line for parents who prefer to purchase over phone. Alternatively, we offer other distribution possibilities to the schools, such as a physical shop or sales point when available. We use the intranet to centralize all suggestions from parent. We pass the information to the school and keep them informed on the parents feedback. We do regular polls to get feedback from the parents and react to their complains or suggestions.

Advantages of school uniforms

reforca sentiment pertenenca al grup respecta l'escola fora consumisme
They reinforce a sense of group membership They are symbols of each individual school, thereby engendering a sense of pride in the children who wear them They promote responsible consumption, as opposed to the excessive consumerism prevalent in the present fashion and textile industries
potencia l'autonomia del nen estalvi per a les families
Children are saved the hassle of deciding what to wear when they get dressed in the morning. Putting on school uniform becomes an easy routine Uniforms represent a significant financial saving for parents

Advantages of our updated designs

modernitzem l'uniforme escolar directe de fabrica a pares
updated designs We deliver to your home saving both, time and money.
millora la relacio pares escola sense rigidesa i amb molta flexibilitat
We encourage active cooperation with both parents and schools, so we can offer them clothing suitable to their particular needs and preferences There is no rigidity, as there are plenty of colour and design variations